Ruby Sahota
Ruby Sahota
Member of Parliament for Brampton North
November 25, 2021
QP: MP Sahota Asks the Minister of Families, Children, and Social Development About Affordable Childcare
Affordable childcare is a necessity for families, especially in Brampton. Watch MP Sahota ask the Minister of Families, Children, and Social Development for an update…
June 29, 2021
SO-31: Racism in Canada
  Today, I spoke about racism in Canada the recent rise of the recent rise of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, anti-Black racism, anti-Asian racism and xenophobia.  Watch…
June 1, 2021
SO-31: Tigray, Ethiopia
  Today, I called for Canada to aid in a peaceful resolution and outlined the human rights violations happening in Tigray, Ethiopia.  Watch my speech…
May 12, 2021
SO-31: MP Sahota Highlights Women Entrepreneurship
  Today, I commemorated all the invaluable contributions mothers and caretakers make to both their families and the workforce. Our Government has been hard at…
April 26, 2021
Statement: MP Sahota Raises Awareness for Be A Donor Month
  Organ and tissue donation is a life-saving choice that has the potential to change the lives of 8 different people. This April is Be…
April 20, 2021
Budget 2021 Highlights
Yesterday, our Government tabled Budget 2021 to show you how we plan on supporting Canadians through the pandemic and into the future. We're spending money…
April 14, 2021
Ramadan Mubarak!
Ramadan Mubarak! Ramadan is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar where Muslims across Canada and the world fast from dawn until dusk. This is…
March 12, 2021
QP: MP Sahota asks the Prime Minister a question regarding Canada’s COVID-19 emergency response
  MP Sahota asks the Prime Minister a question regarding Canada’s COVID-19 emergency response.   Transcript: Ms. Ruby Sahota (Brampton North, Lib.):   "Mr. Speaker, this…
March 10, 2021
QP: MP Sahota Ask The Prime Minister A Question
  COVID-19 has been difficult for all Canadians, our own riding of Brampton North included. Watch MP Sahota ask the Prime Minister how our Government…
January 29, 2021
Statement: MP Sahota Commemorates The Taxi Drivers We Lost in the Pandemic
      Pearson Airport taxi and limo drivers were on the frontlines of the pandemic when our understanding of how the coronavirus spread was…
January 27, 2021
Statement: MP Sahota Commemorates the Lives of Brampton’s Front-Line Health Care Workers
  We will never forget the service of Brampton’s Maureen Ambersley and Arlene Reid; two healthcare workers who dedicated their lives to helping others. Thank…
December 11, 2020
Statement: MP Sahota Highlights The Heart Lake Baptist Church Food Pantry
  Food insecurity is an issue that affects Canadians all across the country and right here at home in Brampton North. While the Government has…
December 7, 2020
Speech: MP Sahota Advocates for Small Business
Small businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy and they deserve our support during this pandemic. Watch or read the transcript of her speech…
November 30, 2020
Statement: MP Sahota Commemorates Gurpurab and Advocates for the Indian Farmers
Gurpurab is an important day for Sikhs around the world and marks a day of celebration and remembrance. Watch her speech or read the transcript…
November 16, 2020
Speech: MP Sahota Voices Her Support for Bill C-3
  Sexual assault is far too common in our communities, and yet it goes drastically under-reported in comparison with other crimes. Once a sexual assault…
November 16, 2020
Speech: MP Sahota Advocates for A National Framework for Diabetes
  MP Sahota’s Brampton colleague, MP Sonia Sidhu, tabled her Private Member’s Bill, Bill C-237, to establish a national framework for diabetes. This is an…
October 28, 2020
QP: MP Sahota Asks the Prime Minister About Supports For Seniors
  Our seniors helped build the country we all call home. It has always been our priority to ensure our seniors receive the care they…
October 19, 2020
SO31: MP Sahota Highlights Roberta Battaglia
  Watch MP Sahota highlight the stunning talent Brampton raised Roberta Battaglia showed when she received fourth place on America’s Got Talent or read the…
October 5, 2020
QP: MP Sahota Asks The Minister About Supporting Indigenous Communities
  Our Government has prioritized reconciliation with Indigenous peoples since we’ve been elected. During the pandemic, ensuring Indigenous communities get the support they need is…
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